The Best Things to Do on a Hot Day in Old Town Lasem


Hot weather is exactly typical of Lasem’s weather. But do not worry, there are always plenty things to do in Lasem.

Populated with huge number of heritage building, temples, Muslim quarters, traditional culinary, traditional coffee shop, museum, and Batik workshop, here are the 10 things you can do in Lasem while fending off the hot weather.


Experiencing the vintage life of Old Town Lasem

See several heritages building in the region of Old Town Lasem also known as Little China or Tiongkok Kecil that famous in early 20th Century. You could visit:

  • Lawang Ombo Heritage, 18th Century Fujian architecture building
  • Tiongkok Kecil Heritage house with a view of Chinese Indies style
  • Omah Londo Heritage, a 20th colonial architecture
  • Lasem District Police Office that bears a 19th Century Indische Empire architecture style
  • Rumah Oei (House of Oei), 19th Century Chinese Indies compound that belongs to Oei family of Lasem


Visiting the oldest Chinese temple in Java

Cu An Kiong, 18th Century first beautiful Chinese temple in Lasem, is still in a good condition and well preserved by the Chinese community. There are two other old Chinese temples: Poo An Bio, second temple which had ties with an old 19th century secret society in Lasem; and Gie Yong Bio, Chinese temple that built in 19th Century, dedicated to the Javanese-Chinese hero that involved in Perang Kuning (Yellow War), the battle of Javanese-Chinese inhabitants in Lasem area against Dutch East Indies army.


Visiting some of Islamic historical and religious sites

Get to know a wide range of Islamic site: memorable mosque, the sanctuary of some greatest Moslem notable figure, hundreds of well know Islamic Boarding School.


Drinking the famous ‘Kopi Lelet’ and Do the ‘Ngelelet’

At some traditional coffee shop you can enjoy classic taste of ‘Kopi Lelet’ (Lelet Coffee) in Lasem and then try the famous ‘ngelelet’ activities done by the locals every morning at the coffeeshop.

‘Ngelelet’ is to draw a batik motif on a cigarette by using the remain of your coffee mixed with condensed milk. You do not have to smoke, just need to draw what ever you want to draw on it and enjoy the hospitality of the peoples who loves ‘ngelelet’.


Enjoy many heavenly tastiest local and signature food

You can visit some traditional spot of eatery or you can have lunch at several Old Chinese Batik House and enjoy their signature family recipes! Want to try to cook those family recipes? Why not! Hot weather and hot signature food are the magical things that could only happen in Lasem!


Visit Nyah Lasem Museum

Yaay, Lasem has a Chinese Peranakan Museum named Nyah Lasem Museum. Nyah means Nyonya or nonya or madam, madam of Lasem. Inside the old Chinese Indies House are Tio’s family collections. Tio’s family is one of formerly well-known family in Lasem. They also runs cheap homestay for only US$ 5 per night. Worth enough for backpackers saving their budgets.


Get a batik-tastic experience with the expert

Whether is hot or rainy weather in Lasem, you can try some activities in Batik workshop! Learn some Batik techniques; get involved in Batik making processes! Enjoy its ‘feels home’ feeling among the owners and workers.


Explore the landscape and history by river cruising

We offer some outdoors activities. River cruise could be one of the best choice to enjoy Lasem River, enjoy fishing kampong site seeing and some activities in the afternoon along the river, and eating baked fresh milk fish accompanied by local peoples, feels a warm welcome in Dasun Heritage Kampong.


Relish in the beautiful sunset

Lasem has plenty places to see the orange ball of light setting down in the horizon. You can visit the sprawling beaches around the area, like Karangjahe, Caruban, Dasun, Binangun and Watu Layar. Take with you a cup of coffee and enjoy the afternoon breeze. By the way, the myth says that in Lasem you will never see sun setting down right in the horizon. Is it true? Come and see for yourself!


Oversee the town from the highpoint

Do you like a more adventurous outdoor experience? Prepare your footwear and trek all the way to the mountainous area of Lasem. Breathtaking view of the city will greet you at sites such as Watu Congol, Kajar View, and Sendangcoyo Terraces Padi Field. You can mingle with the locals and get to know the local communities that manage them!

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