Planning to Visit Cu An Kiong Temple? Here’s What You Should Know!

Panel-panel ‘komik’ dewa-dewa di Klenteng Cu An Kiong. (Foto: Syefri Luwis)


Do you have plan to visit Lasem? Of course, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit the oldest temple in Lasem: Cu An Kiong. Dated around 1700s and rumoured to have been existed since 1300s, it’s claimed as the oldest temple in the entire Java island. Inside the temple you can also see original mural painting depicting the story of Chinese Gods and Goddesses. So put Cu An Kiong on your itinerary and read the tips below to make your visitation a pleasant experience:


  1. If you come to Cu An Kiong for the story and it’s history, please contact Mr. Gandor from the TITD Trimurti on phone number +62 813 9068 1188. TITD Trimurti is the local establishment that takes care of the three temples in Lasem.
  2. The front porch of Cu An Kiong is not always opened for public to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the temple. You can notify the temple staff on the side door, left side of the building.
  3. If you are going in groups or bigger, it’s wise to contact the TITD Trimurti first. It will be easier for you to get permission to come inside and take photos.
  4. Taking close-up photo of Gods and Goddesses statues is prohibited under any situation.
  5. Please take off your footwear when you step into the main building of the temple.
  6. Also remember to dress casually and properly because a temple is foremost a sacred location for the devotee and you need to respect them.


Last, enjoy your visit to Cu An Kiong! Happy #kesengsemlasem!

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