Tiongkok Kecil Heritage Homestay

Homestay Rumah Merah Tiongkok Kecil Heritage
Old building in pecinan lasem.
Pintu utama  Tiongkok Kecil Heritage bercat merah dan paling menarik perhatian di Lasem. (Foto: Toto Santiko Budi)

The building that was once the opium house in Karangturi has existed in Lasem since 1886, as discovered in Lasem map dated the same year.

Once, this house was once occupied by a family of bakers. Then, the offspring altered the house and added some more buildings to function as swallow nests.

After the ownership of the house fell into the hands of Ir. Rudy Hartono, a businessman from Lasem, he returned the form of home from an Indische Chinese architecture.

Later the house was also known as Tiongkok Kecil Heritage Red House. Throughout 2015 to 2016, it became a place for various activities. It functioned as a homestay in September 2016.



Room with Air Conditioning, Hot water for shower, WiFi

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Tiongkok Kecil Heritage Homestay
Teras bangunan utama yang dapat digunakan untuk tempat bersantai, menghelat acara pertemuan bisnis dan keluarga.

A type of room in Rumah Merah Lasem.

Where to stay in Lasem.

Where to stay in Lasem.

Where to stay in Lasem.

Where to stay in Lasem.

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