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Homestay and guest house options in Lasem Old Town are plenty, but we would like you to enjoy your time in Lasem better by offering a bee-bread guest house right at the center of the town. The guest house tops our recommended list of guest houses because it allows you to sense an air of ancient time that permeates through the house, which is especially taken care of by its owner. Located in the middle of the town, our recommended guest house is within walking distance to the center of Chinese-influenced handmade Batik, hawker centers, antique houses that are the legacies of this ‘opium town’ back in 18th and 19th centuries. Also, the house is relatively close to mountain ranges and beaches—places you might look forward to visiting.

Tiongkok Kecil Heritage Homestay

Homestay Rumah Merah Tiongkok Kecil Heritage

The building that was once the opium house in Karangturi has existed in Lasem since 1886, as discovered in Lasem map dated the same year. Once, this house was once occupied by a family of bakers. Then, the offspring altered the house and added some more buildings to function as swallow nests. After the ownership…