Tips on Solo Traveling to Lasem from Lasem Police

Hi friends! Are you travelling solo to Lasem? No worries! Lasem Old Town is safe enough, but as travellers you need to keep the following tips at the back of your mind:

The following safe-travelling tips are provided by Mr. Eko, Head of Lasem Police Station who’s super well-known for his friendliness!

  1. Beware of strangers that you might come across at warung kopi (coffee shops), general hang-out places, food stalls, and gas stations.
  2. Refuse when a stranger gives away mineral water to you as it’s likely that the bottled water is injected with substances that can make you pass out. Such cases have been identified in Lasem.
  3. If you’re travelling by your private car, be cautious when you’re at a gas station or are resting at a parking lot as a thieves syndicate may break into your car, either gently or violently.
  4. Stay alert when resting at any gas stations.
  5. In case of emergency, report to the nearby police posts or police stations.
  6. If you’re passing through Lasem, you are welcome to rest at Lasem Police Station.
  7. Lasem Police Station and its crew are on 24/7 standby! Contact them at 0295-531110.
  8. If you have troubles while on your trip in Karangturi in Lasem Old Town, please call Mr. Soqid at 0852 9024 5678 who’s tasked to ensure the security of Karangturi section of Lasem Old Town.  
  9. The building that houses Lasem Police Station is an old, Indische Empire-style building, a legacy left by the wealthy 19th century Chinese tycoon, Lim Hong Hoen. You can drop by the building at anytime. If you’re travelling in a group, do call the said number when in need, or contact Mr. Eko.


Enjoy your trip and stay safe!

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