[Recipe] Sambal Goreng Udang Tauco

Mbak Devina, a wife of the successor of Batik Kidang Mas, Rudy Siswanto, came to share the recipe of Sambel Goreng Udang Tauco (spicy shrimp with bean sauce). This is the favorite dish of the Tjan family that is regularly cooked by Mbak Devina’s mother-in-law, Mrs. Djoeniati, who is commonly called ‘Oma Kian.’

The Best Tempeh in Lasem

A tempe production house has been around for well over 30 years, supplying Tempehs to a wide number of food stalls. These hexagon-shaped Tempehs remain a favorite food for many people to this day. Even people from neighboring towns usually head over to Lasem only to get some Tempehs from this one and only Tempe production house—Rumah Tempe Mbah Masripah!

20 Years of Munakir as a Chef in Lasem

At your leisure, head over to Pak Munakir’s Fried Rice Stall for your dinner. That’s where you can grab the distinctly delicious fried rice along with a wide variety of other foods, such as Cap Cay (mixed vegetables), Kwetiau (flat noodle) with broth, Nasi Bakmi Bihun Goreng (stir-fried meat noodle with rice) by Mr. Munakir. The stall, which has been around for well beyond 20 years in Lasem, is located on a sidewalk across Lasem Police Station.